Mac the Scope

Multifunction signal analyzer

31-band Analog Style RTA
module filter performance

Mac the Scope Analog Style RTAMac the Scope Analog Style RTAMeasurement of the frequency response of two adjacent 1/3 octave, time-domain elliptical bandpass filters, used in Mac the Scope's RTA module. Adjacent frequency signal rejection is 80 dB or better just 1/3 octave away from band center. Results shown are typical of all filters. RTA filter energy bandwidths (for bands 1 to 30: 20 Hz to 16 kHz) are matched within 0.08 % (20 kHz, band #31 low pass shoulder limited to 22050 Hz). Filter plateaus are flat within 0.03 dB.

1/3 Octave RTA Accuracy
(Mac the Scope 2.6).

Mac the Scope Analog Style RTA RTA Deviation from Flat Response
  • Bands # 1 to 30 (20 Hz, 25 Hz, ... to 10 kHz, 16 kHz) accurate within 0.1 dB (noise as test signal)
  • Band # 31 (20 kHz) within 0.4 dB
  • Similar results can be expected when using pure tones



Mac the Scope 4X version 4.28

Includes Mac the Scope, Waavebox, hyperlinked documentation, example automation scripts

Mac the Scope Reviews

5 out of 5 Rating for Mac the Scope 2.8.2, 3.0.2

Mix Magazine - February 1999 issue
Erik Hawkins

Honored with an EQ Audio Engineering Society Blue Ribbon Award nomination at the 107th Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York City."
Audio Engineering Society -
Channel D's Booth at AES Convention


1 Mac the Scope demonstration/evaluation software easily can be configured with the exact options you are interested in, so that you may evaluate the software as if it only contained those options. Instructions are included with the demonstration/evaluation software