Contacting Channel D

Questions about MacOS-compatible software updates? The COVID-19 pandemic has required our hardware product manufacturing and fulfillment operations to be moved in-house since the onset of the pandemic. While our hardware products are enjoying higher than anticipated success, these circumstances are severely straining software development resources needed for delivering updates for compatibility with the latest MacOS. We had hoped this would be a temporary situation. We are taking measures to streamline hardware product operations, working overtime and weekends to balance with software development. Work progresses on software updates, including testing against MacOS 13 / Ventura, without unexpected issues, and we have acquired four Apple Silicon CPU Macs for development and testing.

Software update announcements will be made on our News page. Technical support has no further information regarding software updates at this time. For questions regarding any other topics, customer support remains, as always, our highest priority. Thank you for your continued patience.

Before contacting Channel D Technical Support, please check to be sure the topic of your question isn't already addressed on the product's Support page on our website, or in the product documentation (including the Help menu, e.g., Pure Music application menu -> Help menu item).

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Holiday Office Closing Schedule - 2023
Monday, January 2, 2023 - New Year's Day (observed)
Monday, January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday
Monday, February 20 - President's Day
Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day
Monday, June 19 - Juneteenth National Independence Day
Tuesday, July 4 - Independence Day
Monday, September 4 - Labor Day
Monday, October 9 - Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day
Friday, November 10 - Veterans' Day (observed)
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Monday, January 1, 2024 - New Year's Day

Send general questions to:
User and technical questions to:

If you use "spam blocking" software to screen email (including software requiring a reply to an automated email for verification), it is your responsibility to add our email address / domain to your approved sender list. Otherwise, you risk not receiving the reply to your question.

Likewise, if you use one of the "free" email services such as gmail, hotmail, freenet, etc. such services tend to have overly aggressive junk mail filtering which may interfere with delivery of our reply. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to check your "spam" folder for any replies if it seems that you did not receive a reply to your email. Or else, be sure to include a telephone number in your email, and if we recieve a follow up message to the effect of "I am still waiting for a reply" we will call you. Even better, contact us using the "paid" email address provided by your ISP, which will usually not have very agressive junk mail filtering.

VERY IMPORTANT: For product support questions (even if you have corresponded with Channel D before) include a description of the computer and audio system you are using, including the items below:

  • Channel D product name and specific version number ("latest version" is not clear; please provide the version number). Example: Pure Music 1.74a
  • Specific Mac model and year, and amount of RAM. For example, 2011 Mac Mini with 8 GB RAM; or preferably the Product or Model Identifier Number found by selecting About This Mac (Apple menu), next click More Info (on OS 10.7 or later click System Report...); plus any configuration / CPU specifics. Example: iMac15,1 4 GHz Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM.

  • Mac the Scope Screenshot

    Mac the Scope Screenshot

    Mac the Scope Screenshot

  • Specific OS version number (for example, OS X 10.6.8, OS X 10.7.5, OS X 10.10.5, etc.)
  • Specific iTunes version number.
  • Sound hardware / DAC used: manufacturer and model.
  • How is the DAC connected to the computer? (Firewire, USB, optical, etc. and length of cable)
  • If playing audio tracks, approximate duration in minutes and the origin (copied from CD, high resolution downloads, etc.); include file format (example: AIFF, Apple Lossless, FLAC), sample rate (example: 44.1 kHz 16 bit, 192 kHz 24 bit). You only need to provide such format information for one file that will reproducibly trigger an issue.
  • How are the audio tracks stored? For example, external hard drive, NAS (please provide make and model), networked computer, etc.?
  • If using Upsampling (and sample rate), using Memory Play, and / or playing gapless tracks.
  • Systems using a Mac Mini: if you are running the computer "headless" (without a powered video monitor connected).
  • Any other details that you might think are important: as an example, if recording audio, the sample rate, bit depth, file format.

If this information is omitted it will delay resolution of your question, because you will be asked to provide this information. Tech support requires a description of your computer and associated equipment setup. System details are only associated with a particular user on a per-incident basis, because we've found that users can change their systems frequently. Even if you have given this information before, please include system information in your email.

Your email and other contact information will be used only to respond to and provide answers to your questions, and not for sending unwanted spam or marketing messages, nor will they be disclosed to other parties. If you provide a telephone number in your email inquiry, we may, at our option, choose to respond with "live" telephone technical support.

We may decline to respond to inquiries from anonymous email accounts; please use your primary email address (provided by your ISP) for sending communications.

Unlike many other software developers, we provide free (we will call you upon request, given a telephone number in your email) telephone support for licensed users of our products. We have been at the receiving end of "unobtainable" customer support ourselves. For anyone that's experienced the frustration of waiting for a never arriving or a robotic, uninformative email response to questions, we continue to provide the "old school" standard of true customer support (having been in business for over 21 years). For telephone support for all products (including pre-sale) questions:
please call (609) 818-0700 between 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Eastern U.S. time zone), Monday through Friday (closed weekends and holidays, see holiday closing schedule above).

In the event that your call is transferred into our voice mail system, please leave a clear message with contact information that includes a clearly and slowly spoken call back telephone number. We cannot respond to calls without usable call back information. If you are calling from a mobile phone, please repeat your name and number in case there are any audio drop outs. We will do our best to respond to calls or emails within one business day.