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Pure Music 3

Pure Music v3.0.6 Download | Buy Activation Code
Pure Music 3.0.6 is recommended for all Pure Music 3 users. Pure Music 3.0.6 addresses a significant compatibility issue with iTunes 12.4, and includes performance optimizations for iTunes 12.4.1 and later.

Pure Vinyl 5 / Pure Vinyl 4

Note: a Pure Vinyl 5 preview is available - see our News page for a link to download the latest Beta preview.

Pure Vinyl v4.03 Download | Buy Activation Code
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (including OS X 10.12 / Sierra). The Pure Vinyl 4.03 download includes documentation.

Pure Vinyl 5 Tutorial Screencasts

  • Internet Lookup, Recording and Automatic Track Location (6:55) Play
  • Adding Tracks to a Previous Pure Vinyl Recording - Automatic Track Location (5:22) Play
  • Trimming Track or Album Lead-Out Tail / Silence (3:07) Play
  • Manually Creating Tracks (without Internet lookup) (4:01) Play
  • Trimming Track Tails: Pure Vinyl's LOOP function (3:57) Play

  • Pure Vinyl 4 Tutorial Screencasts
    Note: All Pure Vinyl 4 videos will be removed and replaced with Pure Vinyl 5 versions soon.
  • Rendering Tracks (2:00) Play

  • - TC Electronic - Impact Twin: Audio Interface Setup

    Technical Paper / Presentation Slides
    - Technical Paper on Software RIAA equalization, "Filter Reconstruction and Program Material Characteristics Mitigating Word Length Loss in Digital Signal Processing-Based Compensation Curves Used for Playback of Analog Recordings"
    - 123rd Audio Engineering Society Convention Presentation Slides

    Pure Music Streamthrough Driver / Uninstaller

    Streamthrough Installer Utility for OS X 10.11 or later: El Capitan / Sierra Download
    Installer utility for Streamthrough driver.

    Streamthrough Uninstaller Utility for OS X 10.11 or later: El Capitan / Sierra Download
    Uninstaller utility for Streamthrough driver.

    Pure Music Streamthrough Installer / Uninstaller Utility for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and earlier Download
    Stand-alone Installer and Uninstaller utility for Streamthrough driver. Use this instead of the built-in Streamthrough installer if you are running Yosemite (OS X 10.10.5) or earlier.

    Additional Pure Music / Pure Vinyl Documentation

    Lynx Hilo (with Firmware 8) setup instructions
    Pure Music / Pure Vinyl NetSend Music Streaming
    Pure Music / Pure Vinyl 64 Bit Digital Electronic Crossover


    Balanced, Ultra Wide Bandwidth Ultra Low Distortion Phono Preamplifiers
    Seta Model H / Model L Phono Preamplifier Installation and Use Guide PDF
    Seta Piccola Phono Preamplifier Installation and Use Guide PDF

    Seta Line Level Active DAC Transimpedance Buffer
    Seta Piccola Buffer Installation and Use Guide PDF


    Audio Loudness Analyzer
    AudioLeak v3.13c - Download | Buy Activation Code
    The AudioLeak distribution has been updated to 3.13c to reflect the inclusion of the Apple trusted developer security certificate.

    Older version: AudioLeak v2.2 - Download |

    Mac the Scope and Waavebox

    Precision Audio Signal Analyzer and Audio Signal Generator
    Mac the Scope 4X v4.28 and Waavebox v1.73 - Download | Buy Activation Code

    Remote Support Client Application

    Download Page



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