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Waavebox TM

Versatile, easy to use software based signal generator - - invaluable for audio testing and laboratory applications.

Waavebox was designed after considering the analog, bench-top function generator paradigm - plus: user configurable slide controls and push buttons, with keyboard support for precision settings.

General Information
  • Uses Macintosh built-in (or third-party) sound output capabilities for signal generation (and integrated, full-duplex analysis from Mac the Scope)
  • User-friendly, interactive interface makes obtaining various output waveforms simple
  • Default frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz (control limits can be set to be outside this range); waveforms from millihertz to ultrasonic (limited by output device)
  • Precision, low-distortion waveforms computed with 64-bit math (here is a plot illustrating the spectral purity)
  • Interactive, flexible controls with selectable "analog" (continuous) or "digital" (discrete) emulation modes, linear or logarithmic scales
  • Controllable via AppleScript
  • DIGITAL LOCK option matches binary sequence length to other analysis software; avoids frequency domain scallop loss and leakage effects
  • On line help in main Console (just move mouse over item, for information about item)
  • Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square / Pulse (bipolar or unipolar, with variable period and pulse width), Inverted Polarity, Adjustable Phase Offset
  • Dither option for periodic waveforms improves waveform quality
  • Almost any audio frequency (6 digits of precision) may be obtained - - waveform frequencies are not constrained to even divisors of the sample rate
  • Single- frequency or Swept waveforms
  • Multi- Harmonic (independently adjustable amplitude, frequency, phase) super- or sub- harmonic waveforms, up to 128 summed harmonics
  • White, Pink or "Red" Noise; selectable 1/3 octave bandpass filtering with band centers from 20 Hz to 20 kHz: single band or combinations of bands, boost or cut, "brick-wall" elliptical filters with 16-pole cutoff slopes and flat tops within 0.05 dB for single filters, 0.5 dB for summed filters
  • Super flat Pink noise generator, better than other sources (CD recordings, hand-held generators, etc.)

Waavebox Plugin Edition is included with Mac the Scope. A demo also is included with the Mac the Scope Demo / Updater package.

For a limited time, Waavebox and Waavebox Lite orders include a free copy of Mac the Scope SE!

For additional information, please see the Support Page Specification and Measurement Documents for Waavebox and the Mac the Scope Screen Shots page.

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