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Mac the Scope Displays

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Some screen shots (*) include links to other, related screen shots.

Dual-channel oscilloscope, overlapped channel display.* Dual-channel oscilloscope, vector scope (x vs. y) display.

Dual-channel spectrum analyzer, tiled display.* Spectrum analyzer, envelope / accumulating display.

Spectrum analyzer, transfer function and phase display.* Spectrum analyzer; imaginary vs. real (a.k.a. complex-plane, Nyquist, Cole-Cole or "polar" plot).*

Spectrum analyzer, 3-D filled waterfall sonogram / spectrogram display, single channel, vertical time format, real-time plot of Waavebox frequency sweep, analog (continuous sweep) mode.* 1/3 octave RTA.*

Sonogram generated with Mac the Scope from yellow warbler wave file (click here for more sounds from the same resource)

Click here to see more Mac the Scope sonograms

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